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Wingfield Fireplaces - identifying the stone

The fireplaces at Wingfield have recently been stripped of paint.

Photos (Mel Morris Conservation) 1-4 are from 2020 and show the fireplaces in the Booking Hall, the Ladies Waiting Room, the Ticket Office and the Station Porter’s Room.

We’re grateful to a local geologist who kindly identified the stone used in each case.

The fireplace in the Porter’s Room is of relatively poor quality Carboniferous sandstone.

The other three fireplaces are cut from medium grey Carbonate Grainstone; essentially a limestone comprised from comminuted (reduced to minute particles) shell material, calcite fragments and a very small proportion of carbonate mud.

The final 3 photos show the stripped Ladies Waiting Room fireplace, a further detail from that one and the limestone of the Booking Hall.

Our contact has yet to identify the precise quarry location for the stones used, but suggested the limestone could possibly have come from a Crich quarry. There were many active local gritstone quarries in the locality.


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