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Crafts Register

The Derbyshire Building Conservation Crafts Register is a resource that contains information on heritage building suppliers, crafts people and specialists. 

Please use the table below to search for particular skills/services. You can enter a term (e.g, architect, heritage consultant, glass, guttering etc.) into the box adjacent to 'Search' (double click and type in the box). Update May 2024: Please note Microsoft have changed permissions with searching embedded Excel files so we are currently looking into other solutions.


Any matches in the table will then be highlighted in the Skill/Service column.

Inclusion in this Crafts Register is not, in any way, a recommendation.


Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust do not accept any liability for those entered onto the Register.

We have taken up references for all those people and organisations currently included and intend to refresh this at regular intervals.


If you are a conservation specialist, craftsperson, material supplier or heritage professional and would like to be considered for inclusion onto the Register please contact us for further details.

The online register is best viewed on a desktop - if you would like us to email you a copy as a PDF or have any questions, please do let us know here.

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