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A Virtual Tour of Georgian Ashbourne - 21st March, 2pm

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Our next free Zoom presentation will be delivered by DHBT trustees, Mark Somerfield and Barry Joyce.

Ashbourne is arguably the best Georgian town in the County. Sir Nikolous Pevsner declared “Church Street is one of the finest streets in Derbyshire. It has a large variety of excellent houses and whole stretches without anything that could jar.”

But behind those elegant brick and rendered Georgian facades are often much older structures, some medieval.

The town plan is itself a classic medieval layout, with the church at one end and the market place at the other. They are linked by the principal street onto which houses face. Behind the houses stretch long gardens within what in medieval times were ‘burgage plots’ . In diagrammatic terms it’s rather like the skeleton of a fish.

Not only have nearly all the Georgian buildings survived intact but they are remarkably well documented.

The presentation will reveal a story of 18th century genteel ‘one-upmanship’ and commercial competition. It will also talk about some of the characters behind these goings on.

Please note that this is an online event, which is available to all who have an internet connection via Zoom. Please register via Eventbrite to be sent your e-ticket with joining details.

The talk will start at 2pm, but you will be able to join from 1:45pm.

If you enjoy the talk and would like to make or donation or choose to join the Trust as a Friend, then you can do so via our website - All proceeds will go to Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust. You can also become a DHBT Supporter by signing up for free to our mailing list.


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