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The Case Study Buildings

We have now compiled our long list of case study

buildings which are going to be investigating for the HLF project and it definately contains some desperate buildings. In the course of our work we hoping that we can find solutions for all of them and are looking at assisting those groups which are already involved, working in partnership with current owners or taking ownership of the building ourselves. We will also be working with the local communities who often help in the rescue of buildings in their area. As the project develops it is our intention to engage with people from these communities and we will welcome any input which they are able to provide.

  • Allestree Hall

  • Bakewell Bath House

  • Belper Mills

  • Derby Hippodrome

  • Former Smiths Clock Works

  • Heanor Grammer School

  • Spital Cemetery Chapel

  • Sudbury Gas Works

  • Wards Ware House

  • Wingfield Station


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