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Restoration of an Historic Building - Winner - Radbourne Hall

Architecture Awards 2021

Restoration of an Historic Building - Winner

Radbourne Hall

Architect: Peregrine Bryant Client: The trustees of the Radbourne Settlement Lead Contractor: Croft Building and Conservation Ltd

Radbourne Hall, listed Grade I, had fallen into a poor state of repair over several decades.

The aim of this project was to repair and re-service the house, whilst retaining and conserving the historic fabric and the existing character; including, as far as possible, John Fowler's decorative scheme, which was completed in the 1950s.

The key aspects requiring urgent attention were the roof, where slates were slipping and the lead work was beginning to fail; tackling a major structural issue of the principal timber beam supporting the first floor; addressing the issue of serious long term leaks in the old pipe work and the electrics.

Once these issues had been addressed, the enfilade (a suite of rooms formally aligned with each other) in the south side of the house was reopened, and the internal fabric of the Hall was restored and refurbished. A new kitchen was installed as well as bathrooms addded.

In addition, an entirely new terrace and stone steps were created to the north side, in keeping with the architecture, thus enabling access to the garden from the piano nobile (the principal floor) on the north side. By clever design, this is freestanding, thereby imposing no load on the actual house.


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