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Why is Allestree Hall still for sale?

After being offered for sale by Derby City Council in May 2013 the hall still remains un-sold.

The construction of the hall began in 1795 but bears a date stone 1802. It is the centre piece of the 300 acre Allestree Park and Golf Course. The compact early 19th century Gentleman’s Residence has suffered mixed fortunes after being sold in 1928 to a company who then sold off large parts of the original estate for housing development.

During the war the Hall was used by the National Fire Service as the County Headquarters and in 1946 Derby Council purchased it and two years later constructed the golf course. Remarkably unaltered the Hall retains the compact courtyard of stables and coach house together with adjoining walled garden. Listed as Grade II*, it was placed on the English Heritage at Risk register in 2010 and, apart from housing the Golf Club, it remains in a semi derelict condition with many of the original fittings, including decorative fibrous plasterwork now removed by the council for safe storage. The hall now patiently awaits a comprehensive scheme of renovation and beneficial re-use with the council planning to re-market it soon.

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