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Visit to Lode Mill

Join us for an interesting visit on Sunday 17th September to find out more about Lode Mill on the River Dove.

This watermill sits by the River Dove on the road between Alsop-en-le Dale and Alstonefield.

It was purchased around 15 years ago to become a holiday let, but had various planning issues, not least because of its location with flooding and difficult bedrock – ‘All-stone’field’!

This is now converted, but with the ground floor still retaining its workings -a Hurst frame set up with three millstone sets, and a waterwheel - still to be restored. The various conversion issues and methods to overcome them will be of particular interest to those attending.

The mill has history dating back at least to 1804, and originally ground lead-bearing ore, but is set up for wheat and oats with two Derbyshire gritstone wheel sets and one French burr set.

It later became a coffin-maker’s workshop, then a cattle shed.

For more details and tickets, please see the link below. If tickets are sold out, please join the waiting list:


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