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Sutton Scarsdale Hall

One of our supporters recently sent us some photos that he'd taken of the oak panelling that was originally at Sutton Scarsdale Hall, just outside Chesterfield.

(Images from the Philadelphia Museum of Art)

He'd seen this on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where some of the rooms of the Hall are preserved (in 1919 the estate was bought by a group of local businessmen who asset-stripped the house - including the roof - and various parts were shipped across the world).

(Images from DHBT supporter - Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Sutton Scarsdale Hall is a Grade I listed Georgian mansion, built in 1724-29. It was designed by the architect Francis Smith for Nicholas Lake, the 4th Earl of Scarsdale.

Richard Arkwright Junior (1755-1843), the son of Sir Richard Arkwright, bought the Hall in 1824. Following his death it then passed through the family (to Robert Arkwright, then the Reverend Godfrey Harry Arkwright and then to Francis Arkwright).

(Images from County Life, Feb 1919)

Francis's cousin, William Arkwright, inherited the property when Francis died in 1915 with no male heir. William sold Sutton Scarsdale Hall in 1919.

The imposing shell, which is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument, is now in the care of English Heritage and is open for exterior viewing only.

(Ariel view of Sutton Scarsdale Hall, Historic England)


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