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One Minute Scaffold

Many thanks to Acam Technology Ltd for creating this 1 minute timelapse film documenting the erection of the scaffolding at Wingfield Station between the 16th October (first weekend possession date) and the 31st October (end of possessions).

Acam have kindly provided the DHBT with a camera that captures an image every 3 minutes. Acam have pieced together these captures and set the image display time to 0.01 seconds, which results in this effect.

As you will have seen via previous reports, ASBC Heritage & Conservation Specialists and J & K Scaffolding - Midlands Ltd to complete the scaffolding on the trackside of the building during three overnight weekend 'possessions' on the 16/17th Oct, 23rd/24th Oct and 30th/31st Oct.

Great to have this record!


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