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Architecture Awards - Historic Building in an Urban Setting (Winner)

DHBT Architecture Awards 2023 - over the next few days we will highlight the winners and commendations of the various categories.

Historic Building in an Urban Setting

Winner: New Bolsolver Model Village Architect - Halsall Lloyd Client - Bolsover District Council

Judges were impressed by the scale and coherence of this excellent project - as well as the consideration of the welfare of residents.

New Bolsover Model Village saw one of the largest undertakings of listed housing renovation in the country. A total of 194 Grade II listed houses received full external renovation, with 138 Bolsover District Council owned properties receiving internal thermal upgrades and renovation throughout. (before photos below)

The project proposals took into account the existing condition of the external fabric of the properties, construction and aspirational elements, as well as the on-going management aspects of the dwellings and associated landscape, in conjunction with the Bolsover District Council Housing Management Team.

The primary aim of the project was to restore the architectural uniformity of New Bolsover Model Village and increase the understanding of energy efficiency in historic buildings by improving the thermal efficiency of the houses.

To achieve a successful outcome for the project, the approach taken was to:

• implement a program of repair and restoration, including the reinstatement of original architectural detailing. • improve housing and housing conditions for local people through physical improvement, better maintenance, and improved thermal efficiency based on the work previously carried out by English Heritage on No. 113 New Bolsover. • work in partnership with community organisations to strengthen community spirit and promote pride in local heritage. • provide local training and volunteering opportunities.

HLP's approach to the project reflected the desired objectives and outcomes of key elements, including:

- Development of design consensus around achievable heritage objectives, aiming to provide high quality attractive environments which will have positive impacts. - Pro-active professional advice to pass on the benefit of previous experience. - Sustainable and environmentally conscious design that is accessible.

The proposals were developed based upon detailed physical condition surveys and resident consultation resulting in a successful Heritage Lottery Fund Stage 2 bid for a significant contribution towards the overall project cost.

Construction has now been completed with fantastic feedback from residents and stakeholders, with a new lease of life for the New Bolsover Model Village.

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