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Another Fire at the Hippodrome

A large fire broke out inside the Derby Hippodrome today and people living near the building had to be evacuated. Crews from seven fire stations are battling the blaze and it is feared that there may be people sleeping rough inside.

The grade II building has walls two feet thick, but fire fighters are not venturing inside because of the possibility of collapse.

The building has been abandoned for many years and its condition was badly effect by Mr Anthony who partially demolished it after taking ownership in 2007.

This is not the first fire at the building which has been the subject of several arson attacks and its recent troubled past has seen its condition deteriorate quickly and ownership being transferred to a London bank. A local group The Derby Hippodrome Trust, have been campaigning for many years to reinstate the theatre use, though they will need to acquire the ownership first.

Read more about the fire here


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