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Wingfield 1840 Wallpaper Recreation

We had an exciting delivery from @brucefinepapers last week.

This is the digital representation of how the block, which will reproduce the original wallpaper from the ladies’ waiting room, will look like!

It’s not an example of the final printed product yet - this just gives us a chance to approve the overall design following artwork reconstruction from the original 1840 fragments.

How clever!

The next step will be to make the block and we’ll then be sent a full colour block printed trial for approval.

Printed wallpaper was applied to the plaster walls in this room. To our delight it was revealed when one of the later horizontal rails was removed.

The paper used was very thin and it was glued directly to the plaster instead of to lining paper.

Back in 2020 James Caverhill Conservation carefully removed the fragmented layers of the various wallpapers so that we could analyse them.

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