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Support Derek's 'Resurrection' Ride

Our Chair, Derek Latham, is one of the cyclists who will be taking part in the 'Resurrection Ride' from Leeds to Derby on the 19th and 20th August, to help raise awareness of our project at Wingfield Station.

The two day cycle ride has been organised to also encourage donations towards the £250k match funding we need to raise for Wingfield's restoration.

Cylists will be embarking on a 90 mile ride stopping at various places along the way including Wentworth Woodhouse, Renishaw Hall, Wingfield Station itself and finishing at Derby Station and the nearby Brunswick Inn.

It's not too late to sign up for the ride - details can be found on our website here. Because this is a promotional exercise, there is a charge for all the costs, but this is flexibe.

Should riders want the entire package it includes bike transport, hotel and food, lunches and tea stops and a £50 donation to the restoration fund.

Otherwise, please consider sponsoring Derek on his 'resurrection ride'!


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