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Underfloor heating and limecrete floor for Wingfield

Underfloor heating, floor service boxes and trunking within the limecrete screed for the new floor at Wingfield have been installed over the last few days.

You can also see here the geogrid and geotextile membrane which went over the foam glass aggregate base and some more images documenting the installation of the new limecrete floor.

Ackroyd Construction are on track to complete works by early October - only a few weeks to go now!

Later on this month, following the 28 day curing period for the floor, the cornice work will be completed.

The water connection is also booked in for this time.

The works to the Goods Shed are well advanced.

The window repairs and glazing are complete and external door repairs are well underway.

Keep an eye for details of our activity programme following the completion of the works - lots to look forward to for all ages and interests.


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