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The Strutt Community in Belper - View ZOOM talk

Adrian Farmer presents a talk via ZOOM, looking at the rise and fall of the Strutt family's mill complex at Belper.

The talk also covers the Strutt family's provision for their workers - homes, chapels and leisure facilities - over successive generations. It was thanks to the Strutt family that Belper was the first town in the world to have water powered cotton mills. People flocked to Belper to work in the mills which, in turn, brought homes, shops and chapels. Belper was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) as part of the Derwent Valley Mills (DVM) in 2001 and the drive to save, enhance and restore the historic town has never been greater.

Adrian Farmer is a Belper historian and has been the DVMWHS Co-ordinator for over 17 years.


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