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Rescuing and Restoring Sudbury Gasworks

Sudbury Gasworks is and remains one of DHBT's top twelve buildings at risk in the county. It's great news, then, that The National Lottery Heritage Fund have approved a £1.4m grant to restore the old Victorian Gasworks and create a space for the local community.

Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust (SGRT) - with the backing of DHBT - will oversee the preservation and refurbishment of the 1874 Sudbury Gasworks structure and site. They plan to extend the building sympathetically on the footprint of the old gasholder and secure the long term future of the building.

The Grade II listed 'at risk' building is attributed to George Devey, an architect best known for his work on English country houses and estates. The original purpose of the building was to manufacture gas from coal to supply Sudbury Hall (now a National Trust property) and village.

Works on the building is set to start later on in 2020 and will last for around 12 months. When complete, Sudbury Gasworks will provide community benefits and create income streams to support ongoing maintenance.

A 'drop-in heritage' space will be created in the former retort house - where coal was heated produce gas. And a new-build circular main hall will be constructed to accommodate up to 100 people for a range of events, including weddings.


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