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A Magical DHBT Garden Party - 17th July 2021

On Saturday 17th July we held a garden party in a delightful garden by kind permission of Sue Swain and Steve Ford, owners of the house in The Old Market Place, Wirksworth, built by the Duchy of Lancaster Steward John Leacroft in 1750.

Leacroft also bought the adjacent 1631 Hopkinson's House so he could make the garden of that property his own. From it one gets to see the otherwise hidden rear view of the 1631 house.

Guests were entertained by DHBT Trustee, Oliver Gerrish, a most accomplished Counter Tenor. We then heard hair-raising but entertaining tales of bad behaviour by William Hopkinson, the man who built the 1631 house at the foot of Greenhill. Hopkinson's House was restored by the DHBT between 1981-5. Guests were also given access to the former highest status chamber of the house to see a recently conserved fragment of decorative plaster ornamentation from that chamber. This beautiful plaster fragment, which has kindly been donated to the Trust by Sue and Steve, has recently been restored by a conservator to ensure its longevity.

Outstanding food was produced by local caterer, Rusty Ahearne, and yummy Pimms provided by Angela Palmer. A very good time was had by all! Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the afternoon such a success.


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