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Times Running out for Roman Bath

The Bakewell Bath House was constructed in 1637 John Manners, Eighth Earl of Rutland, and was built to enclosure a Roman bath which is fed by a warm spring, with a view to developing the little town as a spa. The ninth Earl improved and extended the bathing place in 1695 and the bath itself was vaulted over ten years later. The Roman bath remains intact within the grade two listed building and remained accessible to the public until the mid 1990s. Now the 17th century building is only partly occupied and is in poor condition. The roof has needed patching several times in the last few years and unless a use can be found for the whole building it is likely to continue to deteriorate.

It is hoped that a new use can be found for the building which would allow for public tours though it is not clear what the current owner's intentions are. We are currently making further enquires and will be looking at options for the buildings repair and reuse.


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