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John Parker - Exhibition at Renishaw Hall

Back in August 2022 our sponsored cycle ride, in aid of the restoration of Wingfield station, included a stop off at @renishawhallg (who provided a great breakfast for the hungry cyclists!).

We were all impressed with the exhibition there by local artist, @johiv1 - ‘John Parker following in the footsteps of John Piper’, which celebrated 80 years since John Piper first visited Renishaw Hall.

Through a connection with DHBT trustee, Liz, we got to meet John that day. He kindly donated some of his unique prints, which we’ll soon be auctioning to raise project funds.

This week we met again with John to talk about future partnership working. Exciting times! John showed us his exquisite photos printed onto aluminium plates.

We look forward to sharing more in coming weeks.


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