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Get involved - DHBT Volunteer and Trustee Opportunities, March 2023

Some of the DHBT team at Wingfield Station, January 2023

The Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust (DHBT) is dedicated to trying to preserve as many of the county's fabulous historic buildings as possible, whether they are large or small.

However, we are unable to do this without voluntary help. So, we're now reaching out to people both inside and outside Derbyshire to come and lend an important hand - if they have time - in the diverse ways it takes to run the Trust.

We already have properties that we're involved with fully, including Eccles House Farm near Hope in the north of the county; to the restoration of Wingfield Station (possibly the world's oldest rural railway station) near Alfreton in the middle of the county; to Bretby Pottery right in the south.

But there are also bigger projects that we are keen to take on like the restoration of the historic Belper Mills, which are seriously at risk and turning the old Hippodrome Theatre in Derby into an all-purpose alternative music venue for the city.

There's now an exciting opportunity for people who love Derbyshire's old buildings to help save them for the future. We are looking for a wide range of skills, but also for people who have some time to devote each month to these projects.

From people capable of leading or co-ordinating volunteer groups, to those with a chartered surveyor background the skills and experience required are wide ranging. We also need experienced people who can join the board as trustees to help guide the organisation. This includes a Portfolio Development Trustee, who can help manage projects from inception through to completion, and a new Vice Chair.

These are big roles but you can assist in small ways too. Volunteers can help by joining working days at different projects - particularly with our current work at Wingfield Station.

Find out more about how you can actively support the Trust here.


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