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Cemetery Chapel at Risk

Included on our HLF project case study list is Spital Cemetery Chapel which is located at Hady Hill Chesterfield.

Constructed in 1857, Spital Cemetery Chapel stands central within the grounds of Chesterfield’s first public cemetery. The Chapel is surrounded by a number of fine memorials, which provide an interesting insight into Chesterfield’s social, political, cultural and economic history from the 19th century. Many of the memorials refer to those who worked in local industries and those who fought and died during the First and Second World Wars. The graves also provide a factual record of the various communities who have lived in the town, and the many that continue to do so. The special character of the cemetery chapel is confirmed by the fact that it was Grade II listed in 1977 and has its own voluntary group ‘The Friends of Spital Cemetery’, set up to enhance Spital Cemetery and create awareness of the historical significance of the cemetery.

Although the building has fallen into a state of disrepair, it remains reasonably well preserved in terms of its original detailing. Physically, the building is at risk of vandalism and the deterioration that can be expected of empty buildings despite the best efforts of the building’s current owner, Chesterfield Borough Council, to keep it wind and watertight.

The DHBT has previously undertaken a study to illustrate how it could be converted to a live/work dwelling to provide a long term sustainable use, but grant aid would be required to cover the Conservation Deficit cost of restoration and conversion

We are now revising this earlier study and revisiting the options for reuse in line with the market changes which have occurred over the past twenty years.


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