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A Miller and his Mill, The story of John Else and Warney Mill

Judith Cooper is the great, great grand daughter of John Else, who rebuilt Warney Mill in 1860.  Many of the papers belonging to John Else have survived down through the generations and she has used them to paint a picture of the life of a rural Derbyshire miller and his community in the mid 19th century in her book, A Miller and his Mill.

In this talk, Judith will use the daily records in John Else's Time Book to focus on the building of the Mill. Local stone masons worked stone brought from nearby quarries and millwrights from Darley and Mansfield provided the waterwheel and mill machinery.

Workmen and artisans completed the building using materials supplied by a range of companies from as far away as Birmingham.  The talk will include details about individual tradespeople, including their working hours and pay, and also look at the history of the mill site from the 18th century to the present day and how it has changed over time.

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