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Wirksworth Festival - 9th & 10th September

Have you visited @wirksworthfestival before?

It’s a great chance to meander through the lanes and byways of Wirksworth, meet the artists, talk about their work and buy affordable work to take home.

We’re excited to say that our HQ at 1-3 Greenhill, Hopkinson’s House, will be one of the trail venues, hosting some amazing artists on the 9th & 10th September.

As a starter, we’ll have existing Hopkinson’s House tenant, Sarah Skinner - @artchairs - opening her doors to share her work with visitors.

Sarah is an artist and creative upholsterer inspired by the materials and skills of traditional upholstery. Her work fluctuates between functional and non-functional.

Sarah will be sharing her space with @artizaza

Zara Lewis uses a combination of paper cutting with colourful and textured fabrics to illustrate her ideas without the need to use any paint.

Opposite Zara and Sarah will be @johiv1 who is a great supporter of DHBT’s mission.

John Parker specialises in historical landscape and describes his work as ethereal and atmospheric.

He is drawn to locations with an air of mystery and it’s this sense of place that he strives to capture in his photography.

Keep an eye on the @wirksworthfestival website/social media for further details etc


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