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Village bands together to save gasworks

SUDBURY Village residents have rallied together to form a preservation trust, in an effort to save a decaying Victorian gasworks. The trust aims to turn the building into a modern community space for the village. The gasworks was built in 1874, to produce gas from coal, which was then piped into nearby Sudbury Hall, as well as houses in the village. In 2013, volunteers formed the Gasworks Preservation Trust, now a registered charity, which aims to raise funds to improve the building. A recent open day gave members of the public a chance to get up close to the building and hear the group's plans. Gillian Prew is chairman of the trust and said: "Our open day created a lot of interest from both the local community and the public visiting the hall nearby. We also raised almost £400 from teas, cakes and a plant stall, to help towards our efforts to save this historic building."

Reproduced from the Burton Mail 28/05/16


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