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Cromford Canal Visit - 6th November 2022

Mark Somerfield led a most informative tour of a stretch of the Canal from the Cromford Wharf to Aqueduct Cottage today.

As a surveyor for the national Canal and River Trust Mark was able to put the Cromford Canal into its part in the bigger canal enterprise picture.

We marvelled at the magnificence of the building that houses the steam powered beam engine, which pumps water from the River Derwent into the Canal.

At the end point of our walk were able to witness the wonderful achievements of the volunteers, led by Ron Common, who have transformed the lock keeper’s cottage from a roofless ruin to a perfectly sound structure. The beauty of the stone slate roof was particularly admired.

Mark pointed out the small arm of the Canal beside the cottage, which was created to link with Peter Nightingale’s cotton mill at Lea.

Mercifully the Met Office forecast for heavy rain did not materialise!

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